Hampton Roads is home to military personnel from all over. Not only is Naval Station Norfolk the largest Naval station in the world, but it’s also the largest military station in the world. This is based on its population of nearly 70,000 military and civilian personnel.
The local economy depends heavily on defense spending. Each year, roughly 13,000 military personnel leave their respective branches of service and enter the private sector. This offers businesses in the region an abundance of skilled, experienced, and highly disciplined workers.
Most all of the local bases including Fort Story, Little Creek and others perform frequent training exercises. Patriotic Excursions provides an opportunity for civilians to see this up close from one of our authentic US Navy combat vessels. We make sure to educate our guests on local military presence and what kind of impact it has to the area.
All of our Captains are current or former first responders including fire department, law enforcement, EMS and others.
Patriotic Excursions – “We salute those who serve.”

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