With Virginia Beach and its surrounding areas being so heavily impacted by the military bases and their daily operations, it an be quite a site to see from the perspective of a boat. With Patriotic Excursions, not only are you in the seats of authentic US Navy combat vessels, but you can also see first hand some of the military operations that go on around us.

While out on the water for simulations, fishing trips, dolphin tours, educational tours and other types of tours, 9 times out of 10 we are lucky enough to observe naval aviation training and operations ranging from helicopters to different type of jets and much more. There is also hovercrafts, battleships, and special operations training that can be seen from the water near the Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Beach oceanfront. One of our main goals is to make sure that our guests are educated on what is in front of them so that they can develop a greater sense of appreciation for all that the military does to protect us.

Come take a ride with Patriotic Excursions and we will make sure to share our knowledge with you along with the opportunity to see hovercrafts, helicopters, jets and much more!

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