Many of our visitors get very excited when they see dolphins jump out of water on our speed-boat tours. Therefore, many ask, what the best times are to enjoy the speed-boat trip and see the dolphins at the same time.

The nature experts usually vary in their answers. However, some come together in opinion that the best time would be between March and October. The chances to see dolphins are especially high in summertime and first two month of fall.
We see the dolphins and other maritime life quite often when on water. So, do not forget to bring your camera and binoculars to capture these beautiful creatures.

Did you know that dolphins usually travel in pairs and pods, so it is very rare to see just one? They are very fast in water. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they will just jump out of the water for a couple of seconds. Be sure to notice this brief beautiful moment.

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Dolphins On Boat Ride Virginia Beach

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