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By booking your reservation with Patriotic Excursions I acknowledge that I understand the safety restrictions of Patriotic Excursions: it is dangerous for people who have or are currently experiencing pregnancy, back issues, or any other existing medical condition that may be affected by a Patriotic Excursions ‘thrill ride’ to engage in such activity. The sea state can cause the ride to be uncomfortable for some riders. Patriotic Excursions and its members assume no liability in customer participation of its services offered. For the safety of the entire boat, riders cannot board the boat under the influence of alcohol or drugs and lose the right to a refund if they do so. All riders must wear a properly fitting PFD, to be provided by Patriotic Excursions. Lastly, by booking a trip, riders understand that this is a weather-permitted activity and that high winds, rough seas, and rain may affect the ride. In the event of bad weather, Patriotic Excursions will work with its customer to give a refund or reschedule the ride.

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